Your Decisions. Our Mission.

Our mission, the only reason we exist, is to help people and organisations make better decisions.

Decisions that are better than the last one you made. Decisions that are better for you, for your organisation, and your organisation's purpose and goal.

Everyone determines what “better” means differently, but we believe that decision-making is not just about the numbers; it is about purpose, ethics, sustainability, trust, and confidence. These are the complexities beyond the numbers, where many of us get stuck. We are here to help you, your team, and your organisation navigate through those complexities and uncertainties, toward clarity and insight that become the decisions and solutions that are right for you.

We do this by focusing on three key areas of decision making: creative approach, structured thought, and effective communication.

Better decisions, discovered.

Every day, your life is filled with decisions. From the moment you get up and decide what, and whether to have breakfast, to deciding when to get back to bed, every one of us makes thousands of decisions. Most of the time we don’t think much of them – they’re intuitive, based on the thousands of decisions we’ve made every other day in the past.

Your organization is the same. You make decisions that influence the direction of your organization, every day, all day, based on the thousands of decisions you’ve made in the past. The way most people navigate these decisions is through instinct and intuition, which is often quite reliable in a life-or-death situation, but in a business it can be disastrous. Our intuition can rarely even identify, let alone account for all the variables, and the way we combine them to make decisions is largely based on subconscious assumptions that may – or may not – be valid.

If you’ve ever agonized over a decision or reflected back on a decision wondering whether it was the RIGHT decision, our team is for you.

Some of the common challenges to problem solving that guidance and facilitation can help with are:

· Struggling to see options or creative solutions to a problem

· Difficulty choosing between two or more potential solutions to a problem

· Struggling to get past old ways of thinking on a problem

· Being overwhelmed by the scale, scope, or information surrounding a problem

· Struggling to manage the complexity or uncertainties around a problem

If any of these apply to you or your team, decision guidance and facilitation may be the right option for you.

In addition to individual guidance and small-group facilitation, we offer both web-based and in-person training to help your team be better able to generate creative solutions to the variety of problems that plague every organization, and to communicate those solutions to your executive-level decision makers in a way they can easily understand, digest, and use.