Training and Coaching

Questimation is here to help you develop the skills and habits you need. Not just when you’re in a crisis, but on the daily decisions that help you and your team build the right habits of imaginative critical thinking, structured thought and analysis, and effective communication up and down your organisational chain. We offer training courses to introduce your team to the right concepts, show them how the tools and techniques work, and give them some guided practice to help them get it right.

Training courses aren’t always enough, though. Change is difficult, and if these new skills and knowledge are not reinforced in the workplace they can never become habits; they will be lost as your team falls back on the “good enough” practices they’re comfortable familiar with. Our ongoing coaching can help with this. We can form an ongoing relationship with your team, helping them implement the new skills on the job and holding them to account on the new knowledge, to develop these new, cumbersome practices into familiar habits.

Training introduces your team to the concepts, skills, and tools they can use to tackle future problems, and may give them initial hands-on practice using the tools under supervision.

Coaching is an ongoing process to help on-the-job application of the concepts, skills, and tools learned in training. As a coach, we would meet periodically with your team – for example, once every two-to-four weeks – to set tasks and evaluate the application and results to solidify their newly-learned skills into lasting habits.