Values and Ethics

Our Values and Ethics

Questimation’s central purpose is about making good decisions. While our business is to help you make good decisions for your organisation, this is at our own core, too. We believe that good decisions and strong values are symbiotic – they cannot exist without each other. Every one of our decisions is based on our core values of trust, honour, duty, and fairness. These are values that we live by, both in our personal lives and our business, that guide our actions and relationships.

We have established a code of ethics based on these values that guide us. We believe in trusting others, and being worthy of others’ trust. We believe in holding ourselves to standards of honour, treating others with honour, and affording everyone we work with respect and courtesy. We believe that we have a duty to our partners and clients, that we must hold to our agreements, timelines, promises, and commitments. And we believe that we must be fair in all of our personal and business relationships, services, and requests.

This means that all of our dealings will be open and transparent. We will give everyone we work with the greatest courtesy and respect possible. We will be honest in our time estimates, honest in our pricing, and honest in our billing. We will do our absolute best to help you overcome your problems and challenges without judgement, regardless of industry, product, or focus.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Your privacy and confidentiality is paramount to us. We will maintain strict privacy of all personal, organisational, and proprietary information. We will maintain only data that helps us help you, provide this information to authorities only when legally required to do so, and will never sell your data for any reason.

We will also maintain strict confidentiality in our work with you. Jeremy has maintained strict security clearances since 1994, and is well-practised at compartmentalising information and operations to prevent accidental leaks or spills. He will treat the work with you with the same confidentiality he has maintained in his government work for decades.

We will go out of our way to do right by you, and to be worthy of your business and your trust.