Guidance and Facilitation

Every organization faces challenges. Most of the time, those challenges are part of our daily routine but sometimes those challenges stop us in our tracks. The complexities and conflicting information around major decisions can be overwhelming. Radical changes to our organizational environment create extreme uncertainty. Obstacles turn into seemingly insurmountable problems.

These need-driven moments – facing a big decision, in the midst of a crisis, or when you’ve identified a problem you want to get past – are the opportune times to seek help from a decision guide. A decision guide helps you get from where you are to where you need to be mentally for the problem at hand, and works with you to help you come up with the right solution.

Other times, your team just needs a little structure, a little help, to come up with the right solution on its own. The team has the right knowledge and the right skills, but maybe gets bogged down in details or overwhelmed by the scale and scope of the problem. Maybe your team just needs some help breaking out of old mindsets to adapt to a changing situation. We are happy to work with you in small groups to help your entire team work through a problem, generate creative insights, or create a goal-driven plan.