Executive-Level Communication Theory

The best thinking and the most accurate predictions in the world are useless unless they get to the people who can use them to move organisations ahead. To help bridge the gap between analysis and execution, our Executive-Level Communication Theory introduces participants to the concepts that underpin communication with executive-level decision makers. In this, we explore ways to help ensure our communication is relevant and actionable, and that our key ideas are clearly understood and inspire confidence. This is an ideal foundation for anyone seeking to communicate analyses, risks, warnings, opportunities, or recommendations to a senior decision maker.

Executive-Level Presentation Skills Workshop

Executive-Level Presentation builds on our introductory communication theory to explore face-to-face communication with our senior decision makers. In this, we will discuss how information transfer occurs and is retained by our audiences, how our prepared materials can aid or undermine our presentations, and how to present with confidence. This is ideal for anyone seeking to improve their ability to make a face-to-face presentation to senior decision makers.

Note: This course typically has a maximum of 10 participants to allow for presentation reviews with self, peer, and instructor feedback.

Executive-Level Writing for Decision Making

Executive-Level Writing for Decision Making builds on our communication theory and participants’ existing writing ability to focus their written communication on their audience’s needs, expressed in a way that their audience can understand, have confidence in, and use in decision making. We will discuss the similarities and differences between writing genres, and how best to approach executive-level writing’s particular audience and purpose. This is ideal for individuals involved in composing written risk assessments, warnings, analyses, opportunities, or recommendations to executive-level decision makers.

Executive-Level Review of Written Products

Executive-Level Review of Written Products builds on the core communication concepts and participants’ familiarity with executive-level writing to create communication gatekeepers – individuals who will vet, validate, and perform quality control of written communication intended for senior decision makers. These gatekeepers will be able to review written communication for relevance, rigour, and utility, and will work with the authors to ensure the communication that reaches the executive-level is tailored to their needs and useful in their decision making. This is ideal for experienced executive-level writers and team leaders seeking to improve their ability to mentor and guide more junior writers.

“Red Team” Writing

“Red Team” Writing is more exploratory, often contrarian writing that challenges current thinking and generates fresh ideas, anticipates surprise, and facilitates planning. In this, we will discuss how organisations can use this type of writing to look ahead at future challenges, opportunities, and requirements. “Red Team” Writing is ideal for experienced writers and creative thinkers involved in guiding strategic direction and planning.